We are proud to highlight our long-standing partnership with BH Telecom in the implementation of new and maintenance of existing systems.

For 15 years, Verso as a vendor partner of Cisco and VMware companies has been involved in the maintenance of the existing infrastructure of these vendors in BH Telecom.

We are one of the most significant and represented partners in the projects of new IT solutions in the domain of network IP/MPLS infrastructures, project data centers and virtualization.

We are the implementer of the vSAN project that enabled BH Telecom to become a VMware verified cloud provider and for which BH Telecom was awarded the VMware Cloud Verified Award 2023



An IT infrastructure modernization project requires careful planning and implementation, including assessment of existing infrastructure, identification of key goals and needs of the organization, selection of appropriate technology solutions, and setting a plan for implementation.

It is important that ViK IT infrastructure modernization is considered a long-term investment that will enable the organization to remain competitive and adapt to changing market demands.



Realization of the procurement of routers and network IT equipment for the needs of the Judicial Information System through IPA funds represents a significant step in improving the IT infrastructure in the judicial system.

This project enables the improvement of the efficiency, security and reliability of the Judicial Information System, thus contributing to a better delivery of justice and administration.

This project requires careful planning, implementation and monitoring to ensure that IPA funds are used efficiently and in accordance with the project’s objectives. It is also important to ensure transparency and accountability in all phases of the project.


The cooperation between the University Teleinformatics Center (UTIC) of the University of Sarajevo and long-term partner Verso on projects to improve and maintain the server and network infrastructure enables the university to maintain and improve its IT infrastructure, providing students, teachers and staff with better conditions for work and education, and with professional support and consultation to university staff, helping them to solve technical challenges and make decisions related to IT infrastructure.



We are proud to be part of the modernization of the Bjelašnica Olympic Center in the construction of a new IT infrastructure and a new data center that has the role of integrating all IT processes in the work of the center and providing infrastructure scaling in order to meet the growing needs for data processing and information storage in the future.

The Data Center project is part of the center’s continued progress with the aim of building a competitive ski resort ready to attract more visitors with improved infrastructure, safety, sustainability and services, which will help create a positive experience for skiers and tourists.



Using the rich experience of the partnership with the global TV network Al Jazeera, on the Al Jazeera Balkans project, building a platform for data transmission in the television environment, with low costs and the required speed for the instant flow of information in the transmission of TV signals – we proudly stepped into another challenging project with media company Via Media on the construction of IP network infrastructure for the futuristic CREATIVE HOUSE facility in Sarajevo.